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Size: 26" x 25"
Tamino, carrier of the magic flute, is the character around whom is woven this romantic fairytale. As with many fairytale heroes, he is naïve, credulous in love and adventure, easy to manipulate by the real contrivers of the tale, Sarastro and the Queen of the Night. I embroidered him together with the Three Ladies who, at the service of the Queen of the Night, save him from a huge serpent and infatuate him with the love of Pamina. They send him with the magic flute to rescue her from Sarastro, who has snatched her from her mother the Queen. So there he is, holding his flute in front of his smiling sun-like head in the middle of a circular blue sky, looking just a bit simple, supported and directed by the three fairy ladies, while around the circle are an audience of imaginary creatures related to the tale of the Magic Flute. —P.C.